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The Association of Lodging Professionals Adopts New Code of Ethics

The Association of Lodging Professionals Adopts New Code of Ethics

Regularly reassessing policies, procedures, and governing documents stands as a cornerstone for any thriving organization, ensuring their alignment with best practices, current relevance, and adaptability. Recently, during the November 16, 2023 Board of Directors Meeting, the ALP Board of Directors adopted a new Code of Ethics.

Crafted in consultation with an attorney specializing in association law, the newly approved Code of Ethics is characterized as aspirational. An aspirational Code of Ethics describes the conduct that individuals and organizations strive to uphold as ALP members. While adherence to an aspirational code is not easily measured, conducting themselves under these ethical standards is an expectation that members have of themselves as professionals.

Many associations are moving to aspirational Codes of Ethics primarily due to the resource-intensive nature of enforceable codes. Enforcing strict codes demands substantial commitments of volunteers' time and resources, and potentially carry legal liabilities. While an aspirational Code of Ethics lacks a formal enforcement mechanism, it doesn’t preclude the association from addressing egregious behavior.

The new ALP Code of Ethics is as follows:

Members of the Association of Lodging Professionals as part of the hospitality industry subscribe to using their best efforts to achieve high standards of ethics and conduct.

Members recognize that they have responsibilities and duties to various parties. These include their guests, their employees, vendors and suppliers, the Association of Lodging Professionals, and others with whom they come in contact in conducting their respective businesses.

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