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ALP Announces Fundraising Campaign & Other Initiatives During Annual Membership Meeting

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ALP Announces Fundraising Campaign & Other Initiatives During Annual Membership Meeting

On March 4, 2024, the Association of Lodging Professionals convened its Annual Membership Meeting in Orlando, Florida alongside the ALP Conference & Marketplace. Reflecting on the strides of 2023, characterized by innovative programs, expanded education initiatives, new members, and enhanced value offerings, ALP leadership celebrated notable progress.

However, acknowledging financial challenges over the past two years, Peter MacLaren, ALP Board Chair, candidly addressed the issue. “On the other hand, the last two years have not been kind to ALP financially. We planned both the Phoenix and this conference here in Orlando in a different era, and regrettably, both ended up not having the financial return that we had planned for. Registration numbers were not as high as anticipated based on prior conference data, and fewer of those participants have stayed in the hotel rooms that we committed to pay for if they were not used.”

In response, the ALP Board of Directors outlined a comprehensive strategy to restore financial stability. Peter remarked “our budget will ensure that operations costs are fully covered by non-conference revenues. And we will ensure our conferences are planned to at least break even based on our new and evolving understanding of what works.” Historically, ALP operations expenses had been offset by conference revenues.

ALP introduced new lodging membership tiers, based on value rather than size - Lodging Professional, Lodging Advocate, Lodging Innovator, and Lodging Visionary - that offer members greater benefits in exchange for higher contributions, already garnering enthusiastic support. Allied Partners will also see a modest dues increase of 20%. Additional information will soon be distributed via email to all members regarding these new tiers and pricing.

Furthermore, diversifying revenue streams beyond dues remains a priority. Building on successes in 2023, efforts in affinity programs, advertising, and sponsorships will expand in 2024, bolstering financial resilience.

Lastly, by unveiling the "Fuel Our Future" fundraising campaign, ALP seeks to address our accumulated deficit and balance the books, ALP needs to raise significant funds over the next two years. We are hoping to raise $50k by the
end of the conference and our target for 2024 is to raise at least $75k in total. Encouraging all members to contribute, the initiative underscores a collective commitment to sustaining ALP's vital support for its members.

An additional initiative under development involves an online auction of donated items, including vacation stays from lodging members and products/services from Allied Partners and other contributors. This endeavor is crafted to not only raise funds but also to generate strategic marketing avenues for both our Allied Partners and Lodging Professionals. More information about this initiative will be distributed in the coming months.

By implementing these measures, ALP endeavors to navigate financial challenges and ensure a prosperous future, strengthened by the unwavering support of its dedicated membership

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