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2025 ALP Call For Presentations

2025 ALP Call For Presentations

Deadline July 30, 2024.

Transform your research, ideas, and best practices into a presentation at the 2025 ALP Conference & Marketplace. Presentations are meant to spark the imagination, encourage dialogue, and drive new solutions to the industry’s greatest challenges. 

The ALP Education Committee is seeking session proposals for the ALP 2025 Conference & Marketplace.

Anyone interested in sharing their experiences, insights, ideas, best practices, or solutions with the ALP lodging professional community is asked to submit a session proposal no later than July 30, 3024.

Please note that while we appreciate all submissions, not all session proposals may be accepted. Deciding factors may include: feedback from previous conferences, fit into the agenda, etc.

ALP sessions are strictly educational and may not contain sales pitches of any kind. 

Session Tracks

Any session topic that is relevant to the industry will be considered. Below are examples of the educational tracks typically found at an ALP Conference. 

  • Guest Experience
  • Marketing
  • Technology
  • Operations
  • Finance
  • Culinary
  • Weddings/Events

Deadlines & Notifications

Session Proposal Deadline: July 30, 2024
Speaker Invitations Go Out: October 1, 2024 (if not sooner)

Final Slides Due: March 3, 2025

Types of Presentations

General Presentations:

General Presentations can consist of one or more speakers but not a panel. General Presentations are typically 60 minutes long (including time for Q&A). General Presentations run concurrently with other sessions. 

Panel Discussions:
Panels are 60 minute discussions with a moderator and a team of experts with diverse backgrounds and experience who can bring varied perspectives to the discussion. Panel Discussions run concurrently with other sessions. 


Workshops can be 60-120 minutes long and are designed to teach participants in a hands-on environment. A workshop is an interactive tutorial that helps attendees to create a specific result. 

Lightning Talks:
Lighting Talks are short presentations, limited to ten minutes.They are intended to be fast-paced and high-energy. Lightning Talks allow for more participants to share their ideas and knowledge to the lodging community. The goal is to spark new conversations, thoughts, and solutions. 

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