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How to Improve Your Writing

How to Improve Your Writing

Improving your writing can give your marketing campaigns a competitive advantage!

Lodging properties and vendors can produce a lot of content: social media posts, e-newsletters, booking communications, website copy, and so much more. The reality is people don’t have time to read all of the content they encounter, and we can be lucky if they just skim an article or communication sometimes. 

If I could give only one piece of advice, it would be this: use fewer words. 

When we were in school, we worked hard to reach word our page count minimums. The more words we used, the better. But now we are in the adult world (most of the time) and we are all busy, so pare it down. It can be more difficult to write a shorter email or document than a longer one because a shorter one requires revision. Sometimes whittling down your thoughts can be difficult. 

I encourage you to take the time. Write your email or your article, then go back and strike the fluff. Your audience will appreciate it, and you will get your point across faster and easier. 

Here are some common words, turns of phrases, and structures that are weighing you down.


An intensifier is a word used for emphasis: extremely, rather, really, so, too, totally, absolutely, or very. You can use these words occasionally, but most of the time they are unnecessary. “Very” is the most common intensifier—try to eliminate it. Are you very happy, or are you ecstatic? Are you very hungry, or are you famished? Already your writing is more vivid!

The Beginning of the Sentence

Most of us skim when we are reading—we read the beginning of a sentence, get the gist, and move on. The power of the sentence is at the start, so don’t squander it; get to the point.


In the first draft, we are thinking on paper, and we tend to repeat ourselves. This is easy to spot if you reread before sending or publishing


Extra words will find their way into your sentences as you write. To identify these and other errors, read your email aloud before sending it. Microsoft Word can read your document to you—you’ll be surprised what you will catch.

Jargon and Clichés

“At the end of the day, writing is a way to interface in both the finance space and the marketing space, as we explore new verticals.” Write clearly in everyday English. It is better to be direct, clear, and concise so your guests, customers, or audience know what you are trying to say. Don’t get fancy, just get to the point.

There’s an App for That!

Invest in writing assistant tools like Grammerly or Wordtune. These types of writing tools are so popular because they work. 

Try it this week—revise at least one communication! Happy writing!

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